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How to display maps by storing data in attachments ?

Ticket #59 Assigned to olemis, last modified 10 years ago


Reporter olemis
Keywords google, maps, GViz, attachments
Type support
Status closed
Priority major
Product dataviz
Component plugin_trac_gviz


This question was posted to [Trac Users mailing list] by Roger Oberholtzer by Roger Oberholtzer.

I am sure google documented things for how they thought most folk would
use them, which in an igoogle web page. To put the gadgets in an
unrelated web page, while obviously supported, seems more of a
challenge. Which is fine. I am up to the challenge.

I guess there is a learning curve here. I am obviously not inserting
something into a spreadsheet at google (I want to use data in my Trac
page). Let's take the example of a map. I need to supply a file with
some sort of locations. How should they be formatted? Street addresses?
Lat/long? Other? There must surely be key words that are recognized in
the _table_query_url data source. I doubt I can just make my own.

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