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Implement aliases for iGoogleGadget

Ticket #50 Assigned to olemis, last modified 5 years ago


Reporter olemis
Keywords iGoogle, gadgets, TracMacros
Type enhancement
Status closed
Priority major
Product dataviz
Milestone tracgviz_1.3.3
Component gviz_igoogle


Add support for macro aliases This way iGoogle gadgets may be embedded in wiki pages even easier. Aliases are names of macros configured using gadgets.aliases option which are shortcuts to use iGoogleGadget with a fixed gadget URL. For example, if the aforementioned option is set to MotionChart= then the following snippets are equivalent (so users wont need to remember gadget URLs anymore but names they are familiar with ;).

    [[iGoogleGadget(url=, _table_query_url=, _table_query_refresh_interval=5)]]

    [[iGoogleGadget(url=gadget:google:modules:motionchart, _table_query_url=[gviz:google:sheet:1234:B3-G17], _table_query_refresh_interval=5)]]

    [[MotionChart(_table_query_url=[gviz:google:sheet:1234:B3-G17], _table_query_refresh_interval=5)]]
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It works now !

[[iGoogleGadget(url=, _table_query_url=, _table_query_refresh_interval=30000, width=600, height=500)]]

[[iGoogleGadget(url=gadget:google:modules:motionchart, _table_query_url=[gviz:google:sheet:pCQbetd-CptE1ZQeQk8LoNw::A1-G307], _table_query_refresh_interval=30000, width=600, height=500)]]

[[MotionChart(_table_query_url=[gviz:google:sheet:pCQbetd-CptE1ZQeQk8LoNw::A1-G307], _table_query_refresh_interval=30000, width=600, height=500)]]

PS: Notice that second and third plots do not use the whole data.

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