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Allow TracLinks expansion in custom fields

Ticket #23 Assigned to olemis, last modified 5 years ago


Reporter olemis
Keywords gviz, trac, plugin, gadgets, iGoogle, google
Type enhancement
Status closed
Priority major
Product dataviz
Milestone tracgviz_1.3.1
Component gviz_igoogle


Enhance iGoogleGadget? macro in order to support TracLinks? expansion for custom parameters.

Therefore users will be able to retrieve the data from files in the repository, or attachments in wiki pages, tickets, or potentially any other location for which a valid TracLinks? expression exists. For example you'll can attach a file to a wiki page?, and later write a wiki text like the following

[[iGoogleGadget(url=, _table_query_url=attachment:wiki:En/Devel/TracGViz/EmbedGVizGadget:timeline.json, _table_query_refresh_interval=30000, width=400, height=300)]]

and your data will be displayed as well.

Last modified by olemis (diff)
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Included in verion 1.3.1

  • Milestone set to tracgviz_1.3.1 - by olemis, 9 years ago


Bind ticket for iGoogle gadgets to gviz_igoogle component

  • Component changed from plugin_trac_gviz to gviz_igoogle - by olemis, 5 years ago