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Could one of your examples actually use Trac data?

Ticket #22 Assigned to olemis, last modified 10 years ago


Reporter anonymous
Type support
Status closed
Priority trivial
Product dataviz
Component plugin_trac_gviz



This looks like an interesting tool. However, all your examples point to static content out on the web somewhere. Any chance you can show an example that uses some of the "exported" data tables you refer to? say, graph milestones on a timeline widget, or something about tickets?

Note: See TracTickets for help on using tickets.


Sorry for the delay.

This is already documented since some time ago. Please read the tutorial page about visualization gadgets?. There you can find a simple table gadget displaying the components defined in this Trac environment.

The most recent (and also the simplest ;o) way to embed a standard Google Visualization Gadget is by combining TracLinks expressions? with gadget aliases (currently undocumented in this site :-/ but mentionned in the changelog). You'll need TracGViz=1.3.3 or a more recent version.

Below you can find the same example found in the aforementioned page but rewritten using the features I mentioned before:

[[SimpleTable(_table_query_url=[/gviz/ticket/component], _table_query_refresh_interval=30000, width=400, height=500)]]

If you have doubts about embedding more complex visualization gadgets or have more specific questions, please, feel free to ask (in a separate ticket ;) but providing more details. At present I am implementing a new release so that this process be even easier, so I invite you to wait for and try the next version of this plugin. And please be patient. I'll try to document the features included in TracGViz=1.3.3 ASAIC.

Thanks for your time, patience and encouragement. Hope you still be interested to use it and submit much more bug reports or support requests (I have to create a separate ticket type for that).

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