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Attribute error retrieving report data on PostgreSQL

Ticket #102 Assigned to olemis, last modified 6 years ago


Reporter olemis
Keywords postgresql db
Type defect
Status new
Priority blocker
Product dataviz
Milestone tracgviz_1.4.4
Component gviz_provider_ticket
Version 1.4.2


It's not possible to retrieve report data by sending an HTTP requets to /gviz/report/view data source . Instead of ticket data the following error response is returned back to the client .

google.visualization.Query.setResponse({version:'0.5',reqId:'0',status:'error',errors:[{reason:'other',message:'AttributeError',detailed_message:'tracgviz.ticket [684] : int object has no attribute encode'}]});

This works for me using SQLite on my local workspace.

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Scheduling for milestone:tracgviz_1.4.3

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